Case Study

1 Angel Court – Guidehouse

The 1 Angel Court building is a 28-story including basement, ground floor, floors 1 to 25 and roof level building located in the City Central London. The building is a new construction and was completed on 2017. 

TAP designed the mechanical and electrical building services for the Cat B fit-out of levels 7 and 8 for Guidehouse with a view to providing a desirable working environment and an environmentally conscious design solution. This will act as the Firms’s principal office space in London.

The office space is served by 4-pipe fan coil units, provided with LTHW and CHW from centralised Boiler and Chiller plant. Fan coil units are controlled using energy efficient Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) which link back to pressure sensors and variable speed pumps as a means of reducing energy.

A new MER cooling system was supplied using wall mounted DX type fan coil units configured in a run and standby (N+1) arrangement, these were supplied by new external condenser units. 


The use of natural daylight around the office perimeter is a feature and supplemented by  High efficiency LED luminaires, control gear & lamps coupled with the use of LED decorative lighting. Intelligent PIR motion sensors to turn off lighting out of office hours and to dim lighting levels in-line with the amount of daylight available.

The new power distribution to the office areas is via a network of low-level power track within the floor void. The track lengths are spaced at regular intervals to provide full coverage of the office floor area to ensure flexibility for any future office alterations.  Extensive data installations and containment are provided for the IT and AV installation.

An unusual aspect was that that space had been occupied by a previous tenant whom had fallen in hard times. 

The engineering services were validated extensively and all retrospective defects attended to and the engineering services were then modified where required to suit the needs of Guidehouse.  The outcome was a sustainable and cost effective reuse of space and layout with interventions carefully planned and designed out to suit the requirements of Guidehouse.