Client Testimonials


TAP are brilliant and my M&E consultants for life. TAP are a true partner, that genuinely care about doing things right and driving contractors to do the same. They consistently go above and beyond to get
the right outcome. I trust them implicitly, which sadly is not something you can say for many companies in this industry.


The Adelphi project has had its issues during a long period of time. But during this time TAP and David Anslow, in particular, have always been truthful and have been direct to
me as Client, whilst other consultants have said what they think I wanted to hear. The communication has been very straightforward and as the building has issues, TAP has always been there to find the best solution for us as Clients. TAP have done great work and know more of the Adelphi building than the current landlord. I am very pleased to be working with TAP and would highly recommend you.


The employees at site have taken ownership of their office with Teams using height adjustable desks, booking the meeting rooms and discovering the collaborative space options. Myself and the Facilities Team have received many comments on the WOW factor, high quality of finish and detail that has gone into the construction and design.

Navigant / Guidehouse

The team was wonderful throughout all the starts and stops of the project, as well as the ever-changing sites due to our corporate changes for a significant amount of time. The team never stopped working even with the impact of the pandemic. Thank you to all for your efforts and support. It is appreciated. The project is complete and appears to be a success.

Hachette UK

The building looked stunning today, and it worked. From day one, I have always known we were in the very best of hands with you. You’ve delivered a brilliant result. I know few will appreciate the complexity of what went on above the ceilings and under the floors to make this building work, but I certainly appreciate the brilliance of what you and the Team at TAP have done for us. 

ITV Day Time

It’s been a pleasure working with TAP over the past 9 months. They quickly understood the specific requirements for the Daytime output and were very helpful in providing evidence to persuade the Landlord of the need for the additional power capacity to support the Daytime production technology and A/V requirements. Collaboration with the designer and other 3rd parties was exemplary. 

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The TAP Team provided us with an outstanding service on our move to new premises. This comprised both the mainstream M&E services but also the more specialist telecoms/IT project. The service was sufficiently impressive for us to appoint TAP as our M&E Consultants on a longer term contract. Your expertise made a critical contribution to the overall success of the finished product.

Stone Ticket Project Managers

All of the Team were very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. The relationship was also engaged with humour and collaboration, whilst remaining professional at all time.

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Thank you for being a critical member of the Footprint London Team! This Team performed amazingly by demonstrating a continuous sense of urgency, strong commitment, and accountability. The new London Staines site is functional, beautiful, and a gem within the Mallinckrodt collection of facilities.