Sustainability and environmental input

Building Certification
We understand that building sustainability certification can often be seen as a ‘box ticking’
exercise by assessors with limited knowledge of sustainable and healthy building design and
operation. Our team comprise experienced professionals who have a sound knowledge of
sustainable design and in-use performance.
We provide a hands on, tailored service including helping to identify cost effective and practical
measures that deliver the required target.
With our experience, we also align our input with the design program to ensure that each
discipline is provided with the right level of support at the right time, resulting in designs which
truly embed the requirements.

Certification Delivery Approach
• Based on simplicity, transparency and close collaboration.
• Ensure that all “Easy wins” are captured and that targeting strategy aligns with project targets.
• Alignment of certification with project design and construction stages to phase delivery of the
• Early identification of risks and non-compliance to enable rectification.
• Clear identification of tasks and responsibilities to ensure ownership and participation from the
entire project’s team.